Holo pottery wheel!


  • HoloPlay version 0.39
  • Uses Realsense
  • Uses sound
  • Uses ancient magics
Windows Mac Unity Project

The source code is provided as an example of what's possible with the HoloPlayer. Note that the HoloPlay SDK that these apps are built on is not open source and is provided for use under this license.


While this is not a fully featured sculpting app by any means, it’s meant to simulate the experience of carving a shape into some spinning material!

I and O: Sculpt surface inwards/outwards
P: Sculpt in or out depending on which side of the surface your cursor is on
Shift (either): Hold to rotate
Arrow keys up/down: Hold to increase/decrease spin speed
Arrow keys left/right: Cycle through a few different materials
Escape: Reset

E: Export to a .STL file on your desktop for 3D printing!
(may require additional processing on your end, since you can sculpt the shape down to zero thickness)

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